Extra charges

Passengers who travel without a ticket, with an invalid ticket, pass, or travel card, or who take advantage of any discount fare without being entitled to, who transport a dog without a valid ticket or pass for the pet, furthermore who take an object on board of the vehicle that can not be transported as a parcel or hand luggage, and if the passenger, or the hand luggage transported by him, or his live animal soils the vehicle, are liable to pay the following extra charges.

In case of a payment on the spot or within 3 workdays:  HUF 7,000

In case of a payment within 30 workdays: HUF 11,000

In case of a payment over 30 days: HUF 24,000

If the passenger owns a valid pass, but is not able to present it at the inspection, or if the passenger travels using a blank pass or a pass filled in in pencil, he is exempted from paying an extra charge provided he presents his valid pass in the office of DAKÖRT Kft (Szeged, Kossuth. Lajos sgt.50.), authorized for ticket inspection, within 3 workdays following the inspection, but is liable to pay an HUF 900 extra charge for presenting.

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